Production Testing Solutions

Our production testing services consist of Surface Digital Well Testing, Tubing Conveyed Perforating and Drill System Testing (DST) Services delivered in a safe and environmentally protective manner. We provide valuable reservoir information,

allowing production optimization while minimizing the chances of reservoir damage. The data obtained from these tests enable engineers evaluate both the reservoir potential and the chemical makeup of the reservoir, well or field. This process also helps in engineering the sizing and specifications of oil and gas production facilities.

Tubing Conveyed Perforating (TCP) and DST Services involve the integrated deployment of multi-phased high performance perforating technology with downhole DST controlled testing capabilities to achieve enhanced reservoir productivity (or injectivity). Gun sizes ranging from 1 11/6” through 7” enable an optimized design that allows for better phasing, effective penetration, proper standoff and enhanced perforator performance for all casing sizes. Novel TCP applications include "Perforate & Scrape", "Perforate & Gun-Drop", " Perforate & Stimulate", "Oriented Perforating", "Perforate & Complete".

Xenergi's DST solutions include 10K and 15K rated multiple-hydraulic cycled downhole strings for the safe production of new or existing reservoirs.

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